List Integration (Merge/Purge)

Direct 2 Net's merge/purge data center is equipped to process lists in a variety of ways, depending on your personal needs. Each data record is put through a series of evaluation processes which will identify and assess its deliverability. Our Merge Integration system increases the accuracy or your lists, thus saving you valuable dollars. If custom parameters are needed, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to sit down with you and make appropriate modifications for your project.

Direct 2 Net offers the following tools and services:

· CASS Certification: Coding Accuracy Support Systems (improving the accuracy of delivery aipoint codes), Zip+4 codes, 5-digit ZIP codes and carrier route information
· LACS and DSF processing · NCOA and NIXIE processing
· PAVE Certified Optimization
· Canadian Certification and Address Optimization
· USPS and Canada Postal Presorts
· DMA & Prison Suppression
· Individual & Company Address Suppression
· File prioritization for duplicate removal
· Response Analysis - Metric Tracking
· Unique Identifier Insertions
· Data Standardization & Normalization
· Web File Delivery System - Automated notifications
· Multibuyer Retention
· Deceased File Processing
· File Splits & Nthing (Random or Patterned)
· Record Prioritizing & Keycoding
· Customizable and Complete Output Reports
· List and Logic Evaluation System
· Bar-coding to Utilize Automation Discounts
· Output Media (Tapes, Labels, FTP, Email, CD, and DVD with Variable Formats)
· List Seeding and Recovery Tracking