Net Marketing Campaign & Email Broadcast

With years of experience, Direct 2 Net's knowledgeable staff can assist you in setting up an email campaign that will reach out and effectively target your prospective customers. With our state-of-the-art email delivery system, the headache of dealing with slow, complicated services is eliminated. With our customer response tracking and metrics you can evaluate virtually every point of the broadcast, whether it be open-rate tracking, click-through tracking or address-capture and profiling.

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HTML, AOL and Text Autosensing: Direct 2 Net’s DirectTouch system automatically sends out multi-part emails, which include HTML, AOL and plain text versions. No matter what email program your customer is using, your message will be delivered and viewed the way you want it to be.

Mail Merge, Dynamic Content and Filtering: DirectTouch offers many options to completely personalize your emails. From Mail Merge and Filtering capabilities to dynamic content, you can send specific information to specific customers with a personal touch.

Bounce, Unsubscribe and Reply Handling: Sending out thousands of emails can turn into thousands of responses. Rather than spending hours filtering through your email replies, our system manages them for you. Bounces, unsubscribe requests and other replies are handled automatically and your database is immediately updated.

Active Customer Tracking: Understanding your customers requires more than aggregate data. Direct 2 Net provides detailed tracking down to the individual level. We can tell you that 5,000 people opened your email. We can also tell you who those 5,000 people are, what else they have opened, what they clicked on, and what parts of your website they’ve been to.

Real-Time Reporting: Reports on your customer’s activity need to be relevant in order to be effective. Direct 2 Net offers Real-Time Reporting, which updates campaign reports immediately. Every time you build a report, you are assured that your customer information is as accurate and timely as it can be.

Surveys and User Profiles: Knowing your customers is your business. Direct 2 Net provides the ability to build a stronger relationship and better understanding of your customers through Surveys and User Profiles. This allows you to easily gather individualized information on all your customers and their specific needs.

Action Tracking: An email touch is only as good as the customer response it generates, and the success of a campaign is based on understanding and reacting to that response. Direct Touch offers the ability to completely track your customers activity, from email to website. We can tell you who has received your email and accessed your website because of it, up to 90 days after receipt.

2nd Touch Response System: You can turn market prospects into viable sales leads by comprehending their actions. Direct 2 Net’s system can generate an automatic response directly triggered by your customer’s activities. Choose from a variety of actions to send an auto response email, an email scheduled for a later date, a sales notification or direct mail request. This helps you build your customer database and further the relationships with the customers you already have.