Customer Response Tracking & Metrics

Direct 2 Net's Direct Touch systems will revolutionize your tracking of responses, whether they be email or postal campaigns. With our integrated tracking systems, multiple campaigns can be compared and results evaluated for that next important meeting. Finding out what methods are working and which are not can save you countless dollars. Having Direct 2 Net's analysis reporting in your court will assist you in achieving the leading edge over your competition.

Direct 2 Net offers thet following reporting and tracking tools:

• Click Through and Open Rate Tracking
• Address Statistic Capture ( So you can know who, when and where)
• Return Chart ( How many times people are visiting that particular area)
• Postal Response Analysis (Who has responded and where that person originated)
• Email & Postal Active Interaction (Evaluate trends between campaigns/ which worked best for you)

iiiAnd many more...

Direct 2 Net has the capablity to deliver virtually any report needed. If there is something custom you need or are wondering about, contact one of our customer support specialists.